EBA 1624 / 1824 - Shredding is fun!

Shredding provides both data protection at the desk and lots of fun, when working with the two new desk-side shredders EBA 1624 / 1824.

Safe and efficient cutting

Very recently, the EBA range of guillotines was enhanced by a new, and highly innovative, electrically powered guillotine: This is the EBA 5260

Successful start at Paperworld

On the annual occasion of Paperworld, the paper, office and stationery industries united again in Frankfurt at the end of January. This international platform was certainly a great opportunity for EBA to present numerous product improvements and innovations.

new: EBA 1126 and EBA 1128 desk-side shredders

The two innovative desk-side shredders EBA 1126 and EBA 1128 enable eco-friendly, professional shredding in the office.

Paperworld Dubai – a great platform

Paperworld Middle East was again a perfect location to present our shredders and cutters within the framework of a joint German participation.


we are Krug & Priester

Learn more about our outstanding quality 'Made in Balingen''

Learn more about our outstanding quality 'Made in Balingen'

New for Old

Your EBA-Products are gradually reaching the age? A trade-in offer could be of interest for you....