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EBA 1624 / 1824 - Shredding is fun!

Shredding provides both data protection at the desk and lots of fun, when working with the two new desk-side shredders EBA 1624 / EBA 1824. These 24 cm shredder line went into serial production in the 4th quarter 2015 and replace the existing EBA 1524 serie by the end of 2015. At first glance their modern design, which merges a minimalist and functional appearance, is striking. But also on the technical side these two innovative models "Made in Balingen" offer some special refinements. A good example is the new illuminated SSC control, embodying a green smiley and assuring smooth, trouble-free shredding. Made for desk-side use these machines deal easily with data protection at a single desk or for the smaller working group. As usual both models are available in a variety of shred sizes suitable for all important security levels. An automatic oiler will be optionally available.


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Learn more about our outstanding quality 'Made in Balingen''

Learn more about our outstanding quality 'Made in Balingen'

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