trade-in offer New for Old

Our products have no expiry date - but there are good reasons for a replacement:

New safety standards

For paper shredders and cutting machines high safety standards apply to protect the operator and other persons.

New EBA shredders have the Safety Protection System called „SPS“. This includes an electronically controlled safety flap in the feed opening, a double motor protection, an electronic door protection and much more to guarantee the handling to be as save as possible.

New EBA cutting machines have the Safety Cutting System called „ SCS“ . This includes an electronically controlled true two-hand operation, an easy and safe blade and cutting stick change without removing covers and much more to guarantee as much protection as possible.

Ending spare parts supplies

The supply of spare parts and accessories for many old cutting machines cannot be guaranteed endlessly and must be discontinued - good reason for considering a replacement model.

More features for efficient cutting

Is your old model still suitable for your cutting needs in terms of efficiency, precision and operational comfort? If not, now is the time to think about a replacement.


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